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Upcoming workshop at ACC 2024!

Check out our workshop on the topic “Data-Based: the Past and Future of Control?” at the 2024 American Control Conference held on July 9th in Toronto, Canada.

Workshop page: https://edplab.org/acc-2024-workshop/

Registration link: https://acc2024.a2c2.org/registration/registration

Utkarsh passes his Ph.D. defense!

Congratulations, Dr.Mishra!

Ran Wang passes his Ph.D. defense!

Congratulations Dr. Wang!

Ran Wang Ph.D. Defense Announcement

Dr. Chakravorty gets promoted to Full Professor!

Lab member Kartik successfully defends his Master’s thesis!

Congratulations to lab member Kartik Prakash on successfully defending his Master’s thesis titled ‘Towards Development of a Novel Structurally Aided Long-Term Odometry and Deployment of Precision Navigation Tasks for Warehouse Applications’. Kartik will be joining Vecna Robotics as a Robotics Engineer.

Lab member Karthikeya successfully defends his Master’s thesis!

Congratulations to lab member Karthikeya Parunandi on successfully defending his master’s thesis. Karthikeya’s thesis was on ‘Perturbation Feedback Approaches in Stochastic Optimal Control: Applications to Model-based and Model-free Problems in Robotics’.

Paper on T-PFC is accepted to RA-L and IROS-2019!

Our paper “T-PFC: A Trajectory-Optimized Perturbation Feedback Control Approach” has been accepted for publication in Robotics and Automation Letters (RA-L) and also for presentation at IROS-2019, which will be held at Macau, China.

Karthikeya presents work on SLAM at ICRA ’19!

Lab member Karthikeya presents work on “Robust Pose-Graph SLAM Using Absolute Orientation Sensing” (published in IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters, vol. 4, no. 2, pp. 981-988) at ICRA 2019 held at Montreal, Canada. Link to the poster: link