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Here you will find a list of our publicly available software.

Belief Space Planning with OMPL : We have built an implementation of Feedback Information Road Maps (FIRM) and Node-based MultiModal Motion Planning (NBM3P) with OMPL. FIRM is a multi-query approach for planning under uncertainty which is a belief-space variant of probabilistic roadmap. M3P is a planner to localize lost robots (robots with a multi-modal belief). Our goal is to make our planners open source so as to enable the motion planning community to use methods like FIRM, NBM3P for exciting new applications. Our long term vision is to upstream these features to the OMPL library.

FIRM MATLAB Toolbbox : This application is an implementation of Feedback Information Road Maps (FIRM) in MATLAB. There are easy to use demos with a GUI.

Feedback / Reporting Bugs
We would really appreciate feedback/criticism for our work. Please report bugs by creating an issue on the project’s github page. If you are not on github, or would not like to post publicly, then please contact Dr. Chakravorty via email.